10 Types of graphic design that you should know about


10 Types of graphic design that you should know about

The design is everywhere around us, be it natural or man-made. Though no one can surpass nature when it comes to pleasing visual beauty, we humans have been doing our best.

From the time you wake up to the time you go back to sleep, you see thousands of graphics around you.  From your milk carton to your commute signage, the graphic designers of the world have got you covered!

To categorize the different types of design you see in your daily life, we are going to break them down in 10 broad categories.

1. Production Design

Have you noticed that coming out of a Coldplay concert, makes you feel “extra” special? While 80% of it is goods music (and we are not denying that), 20% of the feel-good factor is the stage design which resonates with every fan and helps them get the exact experience they were expecting out of the concert – The adventure of a lifetime!
Production design involves the visual elements used in stages, sets, films, concerts etc.


Production Design

2. Advertising

Are you guilty of buying a product because its ad really made you? Like the iPhone X coming right out of your Facebook Newsfeed showing just how magnificent it is, and how you really need it in your life, and how your life would be sad if you just don’t go and buy it, as soon as it is launched? So much so that you put a reminder of the launch date, and start saving your money that very moment? Well, that’s advertising done right, with the right graphics (and communication, let’s not forget our copywriting warriors here).


3. Product/Package Design

Have you ever kept safely the box of your newly bought phone or earphones because it looked nice? Blame it on the hardworking graphic designer, who burnt the midnight oil designing the images, stickers, and used the right colors, cuts, and texture.

Product/Package Design

4. Environmental Design

The helpful signs which keep you safe and sometimes alive during commute are what Environmental designs are. From ‘mind, the gap’ to ‘sharp curve ahead’, the visual elements used in architecture and transportation constitute Environment Designs.

 Environmental Design

5. Video Game Art

There is a reason GTA has more fans than Battlefield, and that reason is… graphics (and the plot, but c’mon let’s be honest, it’s the graphics). This category needs no elaboration, just a GIANT salute to our video game graphic designers.

Video Game Art


The most competitive form of graphic design – Publishing. Covers and layout of books and magazines, which can make or break their sales graph, because let’s face it, we all judge a book by its cover.

7. Web Design

This website, and this blog, and other websites, and the social media channel you are using.

Web Design

8. Interfaces

9gag, Instagram…every design beyond the web, like a mobile app, or machines etc.


9. Corporate Designs

The Starbucks logo on your coffee mug, the yellow M on your bag of fries, the less than half eaten apple at the back of your phone, are all corporate designs very subtly making a place in your daily life.

Visual identity of organizations and brands such as logos, fonts, colors etc. are what Corporate Designs are.

 Corporate Designs

10. Signage

Visualize Times Square, what is that one thing which strikes you first? The larger than life billboards! And that’s it, you have answered this for yourself, commercial and public signage like Billboards, murals, street signs etc. come under the ‘Signage’ category of graphic design.


That’s one article, see you next time!

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