The 8 Social Networlds in the digital plane of existence

The 8 Social Networlds in the digital plane of existence

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The transformation of human beings to digital beings is simply overwhelming. From technological breakthroughs to addictive social media behavior patterns, the credit goes to the basic human desire to feel connected with as many people as possible. People loved and embraced these platforms and now we just cannot imagine ourselves socializing without social media. The ever increasing social chatter(data) processing capacity on earth calls for mass socializing at blazing fast speeds. Hence the birth of “networlds”.

Social media is a powerful tool. Exactly how, if the right thing is said in the right social setting, your chances of getting the expected response are increased. Similarly, in the online “networld” if the right kind of content is posted suiting the environment of that social media network, wonderful things can be achieved.

I think we can all agree upon the fact that the online networks have become so intricate and massive that they can be given the status of a WORLD, A “Networld.”

A Networld is another plane of existence with separate set of rules and guidelines. And to become powerful change drivers in the Networld, you have to first understand the rules, then be actively and creatively engaged in them and eventually become so immersed in them that you master them. And for this purpose we have created a guide of sorts, to help you understand the atmosphere in these different “Domains”, so that you enter with the right state of mind and tools to be heard without even shouting out loud. So here it goes:


Facebook networld

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Of course the guide has to start with the Networld with a population larger than that of China’s. The total population of Facebook was gonna reach 2 billion by the beginning of 2017, but no thanks to Elon Musk for destroying Mark Zuckerberg’s satellite that was going to provide the world with

Facebook is like an online house party. The tone is casual, disruptive and you can literally do anything to grab attention. From setting your farts on fire to randomly standing for presidential elections and winning them, you can take that leap of faith to get the most of Facebook to get the conversations going.

Facebook’s analytics will help you make the best of your efforts. Giving you in-depth reports, using which you can track every right or wrong move you have made, thus helping you optimize your existence. Also, Facebook ads manager is one of the most user friendly and rewarding tool out there. The ROI is great and almost every business uses it to their advantage these days.


twitter networld

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Even though Twitter is up for sale and no is willing to buy it, that should not stop you as a brand to leverage this extensively used social media networld to showcase your stance on the happenings of the non-digital and digital worlds. Thanks to trend setters like Trump, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal that one can never run out of things to talk about on Twitter.

The short life span of tweets and trends makes it immensely hard to make content “Sticky” in this Networld. One has to have a crisp, witty and concrete worldview for it to have a long life. Using appropriate hashtags and mentions at appropriate times is a fundamental basic you need to keep in mind. Because there is no such thing as being intrusive and too much tweeting on twitter, you can strive to become an influencer, and then charge brands money to tweet about them.

The analytics tool given by Twitter is also super helpful. It works wonders when you need to get statistical data for the immense amounts of shit you have volunteered to utter in your tweets.


The fact that Google bought it even though YouTube was making great losses back then shows how awesome it is. It is considered to be the second largest search engine in the world by some. You can learn anything on YouTube, thanks to the amazing digital beings of this Networld for creating videos on how-to’s to how-not-to’s. You even get instructions on how to get enlightened here for God’s sake.

Going viral is not easy here. But with the right mix and content strategy, you can ace it. A catchy and SEO friendly title, with proper internal and external linking, and of course great quality original content you can become a professional YouTuber. Yes, it is true. You can live off the money you make on YouTube by becoming an influencer and monetizing your channel. It takes courage to represent yourself, so if you are a pussy, you better stick to watching prank videos and Ted Talks.

We all know how useless somethings are. Now reverse that equation and apply it on YouTube analytics tool. It is one of the most comprehensive and useful analytics tool created(And that’s not uncalled for). So track your progress and understand the demographics of your viewers to create more shareworthy content. Truly one of the most succesful networlds out there.


If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you are what they call in economics, Dead Weight Loss. LinkedIn is the Networld’s equivalent of a digital corporate environment. Your potential employers many times look for you on LinkedIn before reviewing your CV. The digital beings are wearing digital suits and the jargon being used is also highly formal.

Ps, This is a great place to suck up to your boss as well. Kidding.

It is a professional networking website to increase your chances to be approached by potential business and career enhancing opportunities. Thus, LinkedIn is the perfect place to share industry insights and opinions on the happenings in your industry. The SEO Keyword rule applies here as well. If you have a professional blog related to your Line Of Business, interlinking it with your LinkedIn profile will work wonders.

The analytics are not very well-detailed, but they give you a good idea as to how you can improve your overall profile. So stay classy, work hard and keep it completely professional to get the best results.


The Kardashians karved a kareer out of it. So it is definitely DEFINITELY quite a powerful social media tool.

Instagram is where the pool party’s at. Your content can be casual and fun. And if you like depicting your thoughts/moments/experiences in pictures? Then Instagram is heaven in the digital plane of existence. With more than half a billion users, this Networld is the most photo friendly Social media networking tool.

Extreme usage of RELEVANT hashtags is a good thing. Following, commenting and liking others pictures is the way to go. And filters are always fun. If you consistently post high resolution pictures with good captions and the right hashtags you will slowly and steadily find yourself in the guest list of this digital pool party. Food lover? Traveller? Musician? Brand? Or just a chiller? Just click a picture of whatever you do and post.

Unlike other social media channels, Instagram does not have its own analytics tool. Iconosquare and Simply Measured are great tools to get those highly important analytics reports. The number 5 of the networlds is really something isn’t it?


This is the drug of the digital beings in the Networld plane of existence. To all the story tellers turned Snapchat artists, we love you. Snapchat is so cool that Ice Age 5 is gonna be made using Snapchat. This Networld is filled with over-excited peeps. And we all have that friend who will send you a snap before doing anything and everything.

It is a perfect app for creating bite sized snackable content for the phone to engage with on-the-go. The fact that the snap will disappear in a few moments makes people more honest. The endless customization ability lets you unleash your creativity. The best of your snaps are curated into a story by Snapchat for everyone to see. If you don’t like snapchat, there are high chances of you being in your 30s.

Note: The secret to Snapchat’s success lies in the psychology behind it. The need to reply to a positive action with another positive action is what is making this app thrive. Have you ever sent a sad snap to anyone? Even if you have, you are bound to be in a better mood after snapchatting. This makes it one of the most addictive social media channel.

Snapchat can be leveraged by brands to live snap their events, people using their products or even by getting influencers to snap about them. And if your target audience involves the youth then you definitely need to be looking into it.

Even though Snapchat does not have an official analytics tool. Don’t be disheartened because does the job by analyzing and building reports by using various parameters. The concept is relatively new, therefore it’ll take time to test the markets for this purpose.


Got a creative block? Pinterest is the cure. When Monday morning blues don’t let you be creative, and you hit the wall; go on Pinterest and get inspired. Pinterest is the inspiration room of the Networld. The DIY folks really dig it.

Pinterest lets you pin, save or duplicate pictures from around the Networld. So if you or someone else gets uninspired or runs out of ideas they can go to that room where everything has been pinned up. It is a thought catalogue but in the form of pictures.

You can even create a reading list, favorites, nature photos, and pictures with inspirational quotes or anything. A library of sorts with everything you come across on the internet can be revisited later.

There is no need for an analytics tool. If you feel uninspired by the things you have pinned after persistent surfing. You simply haven’t been surfing the right tides.


With more than a billion people, whatsapp is the primordial form of a text messaging app. You can form a group and immediately get everyone in on the conversations.

Sharma Ji’s witty jokes and chacha ji’s fear mongering messages are creating a havoc amongst the common folk. We all have a family group on whatsapp. And the kind of humor/buzz that goes around can be leveraged to make humorous shareworthy content around a product. All the uncles and aunties will share it no matter what. And things suddenly go viral on Whatsapp without any particular pattern.

While completely demolishing the SMS market, Whatsapp is slowly and steadily competing      against other social media giants like Skype with their latest free video calling feature.

It only makes sense to start promoting your brand using this immensely deep rooted social media channel in our lives. This is a Networld where you can reach out to all sections of the society without categorizing your target audience. One bid data base and you are good to go.

Let us know what you think? Comment, share, like and love everyone.

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