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Around the World in 80 Headlines

The COVID-19 Pandemic & its Impact on Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark in every aspect of our lives – from taking hugs out of style and namaste’s back into trend, right down to our social media usage. Here’s a snapshot of how social media has changed and evolved over the past few months… in the form of news headlines!

1. Everyone had something to say…

Covid-19 Impact: Social media activity in the country grew 50X in early March, says Nielsen

2. In fact, we hit some pretty big numbers!

Covid-19: India social media conversations hit 22.3 million on 24 March

3. The Virus Changed the Way We Internet

Covid-19 Impact: Social media activity in the country grew 50X in early March, says Nielsen

4. Some trending searches included…

Masks meeting apps, and more: Here’s what India searched online during the coronavirus lockdown

5. Marketers started preparing for the best, and the worst.

How to prepare for COVID-19 as a social media manager

6. We even got a few case studies popping up…

The Impact of Coronavirus on Social Media Engagement for Brands

7. Social media helped our nation be heard

How social media reacted to PM Modi’s call to switch off lights for 9 minutes on April 5

8. Five or more forwards? Say goodbye to the sixth

Coronavirus: Viral WhatsApp messages ‘drop 70%’

9. There were a lot of questions on everybody’s minds

Delhi Airport witnessed highest social media traffic amid coronavirus lockdown

10. One trending topic beat ‘em all

11. It became a way to fight against this invisible disease

Punjab to set up social media game to fight COVID-19, sets aside Rs 7 crore

12. And boy did it go ‘viral’

Udupi family’s video on Covid-19 awareness goes viral on social media

13. People unearthed their hidden talents

Opinion | Lockdown influencers are taking over social media

14. While a lot of influencers found it hard to keep going

New audiences, lower revenue: Social media influencers on surviving the pandemic and lockdown

15. Stress levels rose everywhere

Youngsters glued to social media amid lockdown, nearly half experience heightened stress: Study

16. And to beat it, we came up with new challenges!

Here are 5 Social Media Challenges that Broke the Internet during Coronvirus Lockdown

17. And continued to support each other

Covid-19: Here’s how teens are using social media, technology to support each other amid social distancing

18. Every platform participated in the fight

Here’s what social meida apps are doing to fight Covid-19

19. Google took some strict actions

Google to stop ad money from reaching fake covid-19 conspiracy theorists

20. And a lot of people shared their opinions

To Handle COVID-19, Social Media Needs to Be More Ordinary, Less spectacular

21. As tensions at the border rose, our country made a pretty big move

India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, WeChat, Helo

22. …and TikTok was the worst affected of ‘em all

TikTok ban inIndia: ByteDance could lose RS45K crore

23. Especially the influencers on the platform

TikTok ban led to RS120 crore loss in influencer earnings in India – Livemint

24. But, TikTok stars still had hope

India gets Tik Tok-like functionality from Instagram

25. While the US contemplated following in our footsteps

possibly the U.S. could be banning Tik Tok too.

26. PS – Australia had some thoughts too

TikTok may be ‘data collection service disguised as social media’, Liberal senator says

27. Good ol’ Zuckerburg expressed some concern

Mark Zuckerberg worries that if India can ban TikTok,it can also ban Facebook

28. While continuing to do his part in fighting the good fight

New prompts on Facebook urges people to wear a mask.

29. So did Bill Gates, by the way

Bill Gates blames social media platforms for COVID-19 spread in U.S.

30. The #BlackLivesMatter movement erupted on social media

Brands and civil rights groups join the #StopHateForProfit campaign.

31. And LinkedIn did their part

Linkdln offers free courses in diversity

32. Along with Twitter…

Twitter is guiding people to take action against racial inequality.

33. …in many different ways…

Twitter Updates Hate Speech Policy to Include Links to ‘Hateful’ Content

34. And Instagram, too!

Instagram shares a list of top hashtags on posts about racial justice.

35. While Snapchat Owned Up to Its Oversights

Snapchat apologises for juneteen filter encourging users to ‘break chains’ of slavery by smiling: ‘we are all human’

36. Another movement was launched by our neighbours

Saudi Social Media Campaign Targets Former Crown Prince

37. Aaaaand another one to protect the 90’s queen

Britney Spears: What exactly is the #FreeBritney campaign

38. While a different one hit our shores

#ChallengeAccepted: Is the social media trend vapid or empowering

39. We created a rather serious one of our own…

Army officer challenges social media ban in HC, calls it ‘arbitary, unconstitutional’

40. And a relatively lighthearted one, too.

Dalgona Coffee: A worldwide social media trend about home made cafe experience

41. Google was pretty ‘keen’ on competing with Pinterest

Google launches a Pinterest-style app called Keen

42. WhatsApp helped you connect with more loved ones at a time

WhatsApp group calls now support up to eight participants.

43. Spotify wasn’t going to be left behind

Spotify experiments with shareable podcast quotes for social media

44. And neither was Snapchat

Snapchat launches its first Mini app.

45. Or Twitter, really.

Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS

46. The focus went to mental health

“Wanna talk about it?” – Instagram and Netflix join forces to release self-care series for young adults.

47. And the internet did what it could

Social media and digital mode is ensuring youth well-being during Covid-19

48. And there were some pretty…

Report: Millennials, Generation Z Turn To Social Media First For Health Advice

49. Interesting…

Study to examine social media’s effect on stress durning COVID-19 pandemic

50. Findings

Social Media Habits During The Pandemic

51. A lot of them, actually.

Dentsu Study States A Fifth Of Generation Z Deactivates Social Media

52. Things did take a positive spin

THhousand of positive messages posted in campaign to ‘reclaim social media for good’

53. And news outlets educated the general public on other niche platforms

Inside GitHub, web developers` social media platform

54. Pakistan issued some notices

SC takes notice of ‘objectionable content’ on YouTube, other social media platforms

55. While Turkey took some strict measures

New Turkish bill to prevent crimes on social media: Expert

56. And despite protests, went through with it

Turkey passes controversial bill tightening grip on social media

57. Along with Bangladesh

Bangladesh regulator orders telcos to stop providing free access to social media

58. On the other hand, India took another leap forward

Homegrown social media network GolBol clocks over 1 million users

59. And our own Prime Minister endorsed social media use

PM Modi tells BJP’s new Rajya Abha MPs to use social media to connect

60. While Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Honda, and many more pulled back

Coca-Cola joins Facebook boycott with a pause on all social media advertising starting July 1st

61. Along with our favourite coffee-makers, too

Starbucks is the latest big company to halt advertising on social media

62. The Maharashtra government, however, decided to harness its true power

Maharashtra govt to hire agencies for better handling of social media platforms

63. While Bollywood actors and influencers didn’t leverage it in the best way possible

Social media fake followers racket: Mumbai Police summons RJ Roshan Abbas, actor Gaurav Kapoor

64. In fact, a lot of people tried to use social media in innovative ways

College coaches turn to social media to recruit athletes in post COVID-19 world

65. MANY innovative ways!

How social media can help retail in the post-virus era

66. While there were other reports on how people are choosing NOT to use it

The age of social (media) distancing

67. And a new term was coined for it!

Doomscrolling on Social Media Platforms Through the Infodemiv”

68. PS – speaking of sports, soccer stars hit another goal

Study: Covid-19 sees soccer stars score 82% increase in social media video views

69. Facebook got some new security updates

touch ID Face ID lock options to be rolled out in Facebook Messenger

70. Along with a significant move for its US audience

Facebook to add new labels to posts mentioning voting from politicians.

71. And the US President had some ideas too

Trump is moving forward with his plan to regulate social media

72. Meanwhile, Twitter wished it would’ve tightened security

Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

73. Because people were furious

Twitter says hackers viewed 36 accounts private messages

74. Unfortunately still…

COVID-19: Social media users more likely to believe false information

75. Yes, even Madonna.

TAKEDOWN Madona slammed for sharing coronavirus conspiracy theory that’s banned from social media

76. There were also some new revelations for all the family bloggers out there

Risks Of Posting Photos Of Kids On Instagram & Social Media

77. And Pinterest had a hard time dealing with related explicit content

‘A Permanent Nightmare’: Pinterest Moderators Fight to Keep Horrifying Content Off the Platform

78. While interestingly, users promoted kids like Chef Kobe on the platform

79. Well, whatever said and done, the impact of social media is truly life-altering

Social Media Is Rewiring Our Brains

80. After all…

Half of the world is using social media, says Hootsuite

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