Facebook updates the controversial ‘real name’ policy

Facebook updates the controversial ‘real name’ policy

A new version of names reporting that requires people to provide context

Facebook has updated their controversial ‘real name’ policy as per their statement on Tuesday, the policy in itself is not changing though the social network giant will now allow its users to explain a special circumstance when verifying their name. This will flag the change and bring to Facebook’s review team. so that they can offer support.

When users report a Facebook profile with a supposedly fake name, they’ll have to provide the required information. Previously we could submit a report without citing reasons. Facebook’s policy for name authenticity aims to make people feel safe and confident to  connect with the other person, according to their statement. It also tried to enforce that users do not anonymously bully and harass others.

facebook name change policy

This rule, was widely criticized by transgender people and drag performers last year who used names that reflected their gender identity but weren’t same as their legal names.

Currently Facebook gives users seven days to verify or update their name is some one reports their account about having a “fake” name. In the past, some users found their account suddenly deactivated after someone reported their name. The company also updated the range of options and documents people can use to verify their account names.

“These tools are currently being tested on a limited basis in the US only, across mobile and desktop. Based on feedback, we will iterate and roll them out globally.”, said the release.

You can read the official release here. 


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