#LoveIsLove- How digital brands lead the pride march on social media 🏳️ 🌈

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#LoveIsLove- How digital brands lead the pride march on social media 🏳️ 🌈

Social media was initially developed to make people connect with each other and get in tune with what each one of them is up to. With time, the platforms have developed into a hot live wire of a mesh which disseminates news and information and tells us what the world is up to. Yes it has evolved!

durex webeesocial prideIt’s amazing how thoughts and opinions become waves and when done right these waves turn into a tsuanami that changes the face of the society. One such examples is the LGBTQ community that got together and made the world become their shield. In India there was an entire revolution to get eyeballs and ears for the amendment of section 377 and after a long battle with an age old judicial system and prejudiced mind set, things changed for good. Celebrities, brands, politicans and everyone joined in on the digital pride march to share their voice in support of the supreme court’s decision in 2018.

From food delivery services to leading e-commerce websites, since the amendment of Section 377, every brand has celebrated this historic decision. Amid all these celebrations, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc have acted as a channel to promote positivity and love all around the world.

RECAP : Social Media and Education of Basic Rights

While a good chunk of the world had embraced the LGBTQ community, India was yet a step behind. However, two lawyers named Arundhati Katju and Menaka Guruswamy fought for the rights of the LGBTQ community at the Supreme Court while being backed by the whole nation. Amid all these hustle-bustle, several brands and local communities over the social media channels lit up with a diverse range of positive messages and witty one-liners. Moreover, the move by Supreme Court to amend section 377 was supported with trending hashtags, cheeky humor, and beautiful memes.

Some of the #tags that made twitter rumble :

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Here are some of the popular tech brands that lead the pride march and have helped make the pride movement a huge success:


The popular search engine giant, Google, showcased their support for the LGBTQ community by tweeting “Love is Love” over Twitter. They started this march back in 2015!


The social network giant also changed its regular display picture with a rainbow flag with a simple yet powerful message “Pride Connects Us”. Infact they have a dedicated page that connects with the LGBTQ audience and is in the centre of various news and activities that happen in the states. 


This year, the popular video-hosting platform, YouTube also changed its current display picture showing their support with the official LGBTQ flag. Moreover, the video platform also tweeted a powerful message “We’re Beaming with Pride”.


The IT Major showed its support by a powerful tweet with the #EmpoweringIndia and #377 with the message “Come as You Are. Do What You Love”. Following Microsoft’s move, Infosys also renovated its cover and display pictures in support of the Supreme Court’s decision. The global handle displayed some limited edition products designed by the LGBTQ community:


The Indian e-commerce seller, Flipkart mentioned that the only cancellation they celebrate is the cancellation of the harsh laws against the LGBTQ community. The company also mentioned that they celebrate the recently delivered equality, dignity, freedom, and individualism.


We just cannot ignore the topical awesomeness of Zomato! They were quite sharp and direct as always –

How it all began in India?

Section 377 came into action in the year 1861 when India was under the British Rule. However, it continued even after India got its Independence. The law was challenged initially by the NGO named Naaz Foundation & the AIDS Bedhbhav Virodh Andolan in the year 2001 at the Delhi High Court. However, both these petitions were sacked by the court. After 8 years of this petition, the High Court eventually decriminalized sex amid consenting adults belonging to the same gender. However, this was overturned completely by the Delhi-based Supreme Court in the year 2013.

In the year 2014, the Indian LGBTQ community got a ray of hope with transgenders declared as “Third Gender”. The year 2018 was a marvelous one for the LGBTQ community that received a positive answer from the Supreme Court after 32 individuals which include IITians, celebrities, and activities filed a powerful petition to remove Section 377.

The Pride Month on Twitter 

Today, each year in June, India celebrates Pride Month with all the Social Media giants celebrating the colorful event in a creative way. From Twitter to Instagram, every platform blows up with innovative messages that help create awareness about the LGBTQ community and their rights. Twitter is now a synonym for the awoke and forward audience and the community together shared their joy for the 30,000+  conversations that happend on #377! 

Thoughts and opinions are the arrows and swords of this digital era and when warriors like these tech giants march ahead with candles of wisdom (Social Media Conversations) that spread light, the darkness of age olf beliefs is bound to go away.

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